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A Visit to Alibaba for Learning
On October 18th,Ningshing Holdings organized a visit to the headquarter of Alibaba with theparticipation of more than 30 people, mostly the heads of party organization,cross-border e-commerce businesses, and the editors and special correspondentsof the internal Journal Ningshing In Focus. The aim was to learn the new trendsin the development of e-commerce and the innovation of Alibaba's corporateculture.The delegation visitedthe cultural exhibition hall of Alibaba Riverside Park and the globalmonitoring data display center. Afterwards, the group listened to the speech onAlibaba's corporate culture and corporate values, which was given by Mr. WuXiangjin, Director of Ecological Operations of Alibaba Ningbo. Mr. Gao Yunwei,an operation expert of Alibaba Zhejiang Regional Marketing Center, gave alecture on cross-border trade on the topic of "2019 Cross-border Trade NewTracks, New Scenes, New Opportunities". After the special training,representatives of various companies spoke on the spot and shared learningexperiences based on their actual business respectively. Mrs. Gao Ping,secretary of the party committee and vice chairman of Ningshing Holdings, emphasizedthat Alibaba has made great contributions to China's new economy. Ali's corevalues, the new six-pulse sword, have universal reference for enterprises. Allthe participants should learn from the visit and make new contributions to thelong-term development of Ningshing.After a day ofstudy and on-site inspection, everyone learned more about Alibaba's innovativecorporate culture and Internet thinking, which further broadened the minds andideas, and brought inspiration and reference for future work.
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